#Bizarre #Travel Journal #1: #Selfie Shtick

Are you on the verge of the #vacation of a lifetime? Don’t forget to stowaway your personal #Selfie Stick before you hit the road.
#Selfie Stick, you ask? What in the world is that?
Here is a photograph showing a disembodied hand. (Imagine it’s your hand.)
Quite simply, the #Selfie Stick is an arm extender for the photographer who just can’t quite get everything, or everyone, in the picture. You simply attach your smart phone to the clips, extend the telescoping rod and you are ready to ingratiate yourself to the world. By the way, in case you missed it, smart phones are de rigueur for the modernday nimble traveler. No more pesky, bulky #camera bags. Dying are the days when you turn to some burnt-out fellow traveler (who you don’t know from the man in the moon), hold out your camera in supplication, and mumble, “Would you mind taking….”
The smart traveler will pre-purchase the #Selfie Stick from cyberspace before packing the first bag. It’s not a good idea to wait until you get to your glamorous destination, as the stick may be hard to find, or more than you want to pay, especially in that inflated foreign currency. In Europe, the price can be anywhere from seven to twenty-five Euros, depending upon customer demand, or vendor desperation. The #Selfie Stick is all the rage on the Continent, in the Far East and soon everywhere in between. It is especially useful for those ‘Here I am in front of Mickey D’s in Lower Mongolia’ shots that are so hard to do #alone.
#Millennials anxious to insure their place in history, or their prominence in exotic locales, will slap on an unashamed façade and ‘Click’. Take that, fellow #earthlings I am here —sixty percent of me blocking out that all-important background. With countless cellphone photographs brimming with conspicuous grins, the main task is yet to be completed. Many will sacrifice valuable sleep to spend most of the night uploading just the right self-indulgent shots of themselves to their favorite #social media sites. Important bragging rights are at stake. No amount of effort is wasted.
So don’t throw away those old smart phones. Stockpile them, as many have better photo capability than last year’s digital camera.
Just make sure you don’t use your #Selfie Stick as a golf tee. It will likely break, as some dismayed Jersey Troublemakers recently discovered.
That’s it for now, so get out there and experience your own #BizarreTravelBook.com adventures.


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