Robert C. Frink



Robert C. Frink is a psycho-anthropological writer born and raised in the backwoods of Central Florida. His travels around the world resulted in many strange and unusual experiences which he carefully recorded in journals. Some of these are collected in a series of short stories called Bizarre Travel Books. Mr. Frink is also the author of the Crime Thriller Series Clear Springs, about life and culture in Central Florida. The first book is The Second It All Changed.

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Bizarre Travel Book, Volume 1, Ten Plus One

Straight from the Realm of the Unusual, strange tales from the dark corners of the world, expect the unexpected. Included in Volume 1 are:

  • Reflected, a hotel room in Miami has an unexpected guest;
  • Spot on the Window, a lonely girl deals with the drudgery of work in Oregon;
  • Total Eclipse of Sanity, a pair of gay amateur detectives in 1950’s New York City;
  • Walk to the Exit, a Mall walker in Tokyo seeks the way out;
  • Virachocha Sunrise, a young man makes a bad decision in the Andes;
  • Antebellum Rendezvous, fear can be an insidious companion in New Orleans;
  • Diet, learn about the Ultimate TV Diet;
  • Broken Oak, a rite of passage at a hunting Plantation in Georgia;
  • Dogs in Trees, a conservationist confronts more than exotic fauna in Nepal;
  • Thief of Senses, a Parisian Gypsy’s heritage;
  • plus War with the Cats.

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The Second It All Changed

TSIAC_Frink_coverThe first Clear Springs Crime Thriller

Suzy, a Japanese-American mother on the run from a bad marriage stumbles on more bad luck in Central Florida when her baby Akira is kidnapped. Did her ex-husband, dogged by his tyrannical crime lord father take his heir back to Japan? Is the mysterious Zylontronic Processing Company a front for something far more sinister? It doesn’t take Suzy long to realize her Yakuza connected ex is not the only thing she needs to worry about. She must decipher how Akira became the key to unlocking a decades old grudge, growing out of 1937 Nanking, involving ‘ukiyo-e yokai’, the beast of the floating world? Suzy’s frantic search right around the corner from the sunny tourist havens of Florida reveals racial hatred, heartbreaking exploitation and terrible anger she never imagined. Her dogged persistence and new-found friends appear to be her only hope of finding Akira alive.

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