Jolene Fine

She’s a novelist whose books are either going to take you down a zany, light-hearted comical adventure or a deep literary fantasy to another realm. Her latest release is a comedy novel, Dog Breath.



Dog Breath

Dog_Breath_cover_FineTom Tidy has sniffed his way into the perfect job as a Research Technician for Chomp Dog Food in Havana, Florida. His typical day includes watching a Greyhound model on the conveyor belt, serenading pooches, and smelling dog breath. Now, if he could just find himself a girl that loved him like his dogs and find a way to save his career before it’s snuffed out by a secret, new technology. Caution: This book is rated LW for laughing and wincing may transpire during your reading entertainment. Furthermore, the writer is not responsible for any sudden urges to smell your canine’s breath or any fainting that may occur as a result.

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