The dog days of summer

Wow. This works! Emma’s gone for the day and I finally figured out how to sign up for a blog site. You humans and your fancy technology! I tolerate it and absolutely love my translator device that Dr. Sangster invented but sometimes it’s so overwhelming.

Well, I thought I’d share my latest little adventure with whoever’s out there. I know, lots of humans, eager to slurp up stuff on the web like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. But maybe, just maybe, there’s a smart dog or two out there…or even a cat, I suppose.

Kyle’s uncle is a private pilot and we went for a flight the other day in his small plane to a nearby island. It’s actually named Dog Island, can you believe that?

photo 1a

It was exciting to fly. Much more exciting than a car. Kyle’s uncle flew and let Kyle fly the plane from the right front seat some. That scared Emma pretty bad so he stopped. It was frustrating to me because I couldn’t talk to them while they had their headsets on but I could smell her sharp tang of fear when Kyle made the plane go into a zero G dive. I was stuck wearing some tiny “doggy earmuffs” to protect my hearing. Talk about humiliating! I definitely won’t post that picture. Maybe I can talk Dr. Sangster into inventing a Chihuahua-sized headset. At least I got to sit on Kyle’s lap and get a great view of the ground below.

I LOVE the beach and the water! The smells, sounds and sights are intoxicating and there’s lots of interesting life above and below the waves. I found this little guy by digging into the sand at the surf:


Cute little thing. Emma thought it was adorable too and Kyle held it long enough for her to take a picture with her smart phone. I think it’s either Ermerita Talpoida or Emerita benedicti. At least that’s what the Internet says.  There’s so much to learn about how humans classify living things. Being known as Canis lupus familiaris isn’t that interesting to me. Using a dead language to describe live things is weird. If left to me, I’d classify things based not only on their physical features but also on their smells. You humans rely on your sense of sight way too much. This little critter smelled salt fresh and alive.

photo 1

I also think that sometimes your sense of humor is impaired. At least Kyle’s is. He thought it was funny to put a sand flea on my back.  Har Har.

photo 2

Well, that’s enough for now. Reach out, especially if you are four legged. Trust your humans but be yourself, no matter how small or challenging your world is.

– Sadie

photo 5



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