Somebody told RCF the other day, “You need to Tweet. That’s the way it works now.” So without consulting me, he went to, as I later found out, and set up an account. I was down at the local when a friend of ours e-mailed to tell me he saw RCF online. “Great I said”. “No,” he said, “I mean he’s on the Times Square Jumbotron Live Feed in his skivvies, typing away.” Well, I barely got there in time. If you look real close on YouTube, you can see me just before I slammed his laptop shut. Needless to say, going to the wrong site, which I could not even find, got his laptop and camera ‘compromised’. I didn’t know much about tweeting, but after we got his laptop cleaned up, I watched him go through the basics – on, of course. He kept asking, should I follow this one, or that one? “Follow your imagination,” I said, “but make sure that you treat anyone who follows you special. Always follow someone who follows you. Remember many of us are the kids who got picked last when we were growing up. We can be a very dedicated bunch when we put our mind to it.” So get your feet wet and mix it up, I say, especially some of those About us folks, you know, up there. Pick me! Pick me!


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