To self edit or not – that is the question. The answer should be NOT. As good as you think you might be it is not a wise choice to self edit. You could be a professional editor yourself, but sometimes you are so close to your work that you just don’t see the mistakes or how it could be better.  Critique groups are the place to be. You have several sets of eyes helping you to mold your novel into something great. Beta Readers too. I have a dear friend that read mine and the only form of payment she accepted was a coveted cookie recipe. It was worth it!  She found things that others had missed. Each set of eyes that checks out your novel will find something that someone else missed. You truly can’t proof it too much. Lastly, hire a professional editor. Make sure it is someone that you can work closely with and that you trust. After all, this is your baby! If you’ve worked on something for as long as I have you want someone who will give it their undivided attention and go over it with a fine tooth comb. The final rounds of editing of my novel should be done by March. I’ll let you know when it’s available to read.

Happy Editing,

Zelle Andrews


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